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vestry; dressing room; locker room; cloakroom; wardrobe; pavilion

(n.) = costumes ; changing room ; dressing room ; change room.
Ex: This article considers the research needs of those producing amateur theatre production (costumes and scenery) and suggests ways in which they may work closely with public libraries.
Ex: It is a maze-like photomontage of pictures of the changing rooms and corridors of an indoor swimming pool.
Ex: Minimum requirements for all programs are locker space, dressing rooms, library and reference materials, and eating facilities.
Ex: Everything was going smoothly until she realized that there was a dress she forgot to pick up and try on whilst in the change room.
* biblioteca de vestuario = costume library.
* fallo de vestuario = wardrobe malfunction.
* vestuario con taquillas = locker room.
* vestuario defectuoso = wardrobe malfunction.

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