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ticket; forfeit, penalty, fine
mulct, fine or punish



(n.) = fine.
Ex: The GEAC system includes the following modules: fines, reservation, public access system, catalogue, networking, statistical information, acquisition, local community information service.
* cobrar una multa = charge + a fine.
* contraer una multa = incur + a fine.
* deber una multa = owe + a fine.
* imponer una multa = impose + penalty ; impose + a fine ; level + a fine against.
* incurrir en una multa = incur + a fine.
* multa de aparcamiento = parking fine.
* multa de tráfico = traffic ticket ; traffic fine.
* multa por aparcamiento indebido = parking ticket.
* multa por exceso de velocidad = speeding ticket ; speed ticket.
* multa que se debe = unpaid fine.
* pagar una multa = pay + a fine.
* política de multas = fine policy.
* sistema de multas = fines system.
(v.) = ticket ; pull over.
Nota: Referido generalmente a la policía de tráfico.
Ex: The Mayor's car was ticketed for speeding last week, but who was at the wheel?.
Ex: Since cops were given the go-ahead to pull over people for not wearing seat belts, state troopers have become creative about spotting scofflaws.
* policía + multar = be done by + the police.

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