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pretty, nice, beautiful
fop, dandy, man who likes fancy clothes
touch, make contact with, feel



(adj.) = cute ; dinky ; darling ; beautiful ; comely ; handsome ; bonny .
Ex: Frequently the youngest child takes on the role of the mascot; he acts cute, mischievous, and endearing.
Ex: This dinky pink handbag is ideal for day or evening use.
Ex: Anyhow, family -- including my darling niece and nephew, who were a little bit off their oats when I arrived.
Ex: The store was gutted and rebuilt, according to his specifications, into a beautiful, modern facility, decorated in vibrant hues and furnished with the latest Herman Miller offerings.
Ex: He went in the tavern wearing an eye patch, crying 'ahoy, matey!' and eying the comely wenches.
Ex: All these novels are about young women meeting handsome men, at first disliking them and then discovering that they love them, with the inescapable 'happy ending' which means matrimony in these cases.
Ex: He's a right proper Scottish piper with his bonny hat and bagpipes.
* disfrutar de lo lindo = have + a ball ; live it up ; have + the time of + Posesivo + life ; have + a field day.
* divertirse de lo lindo = have + a ball ; have + the time of + Posesivo + life ; live it up ; have + a field day ; have + great fun ; have + good fun.
* funcionar de lo lindo = work like + a charm ; go like + a charm.
* lo lindo = cuteness.
* pasárselo de lo lindo = have + a ball ; have + the time of + Posesivo + life ; live it up ; have + a field day.
* sacudir de lo lindo = knock + the living daylights out of ; knock + the hell out of ; beat + Nombre + (all) hollow ; beat + the living daylights out of ; beat + the hell out of ; knock + the shit out of ; beat + the shit out of ; beat + the wits out of ; beat + the life out of.
(v.) = border.
Ex: The Pacific Rim encompasses an enormous geographical area composed of all of the nations bordering the Pacific Ocean, east and west, from the Bering Straits to Antarctica.
* lindar con = adjoin ; adjoin ; border on.

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