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impulse; act, operate; impel, propel; thrust; boost

shift, stir, move

(v.) = further ; impel ; propel ; thrust forward ; drive ; mobilise [mobilize, -USA] ; pioneer ; give + impetus ; power ; jump-start [jumpstart] ; kick-start [kickstart] ; forward.
Ex: IFLA's International Office for Universal Bibliographic Control was established in order to further international control of bibliographic records.
Ex: We have already been impelled toward a definition of the future catalog by forces not especially conducive to its development into a more effective instrument.
Ex: A magnetic field propels the bubbles in the right direction through the film.
Ex: The acid rain literature illustrated the 1st paradigm, where journals from the unadjusted literature were thrust forward in the adjusted literature, and no unadjusted journal fell into obscurity.
Ex: The notation 796.33 is used for sporst involving an inflated ball propelled (driven) by foot.
Ex: It is time for all librarians to change their attitudes and become involved, to seek funds and mobilise civic organisations and businesses in cooperative efforts.
Ex: Icons, or pictorial representations of objects in systems, were pioneered by Xerox.
Ex: Two concepts given much impetus lately through the increasing study of sociology have been 'communication' and 'class'.
Ex: The other method was to increase the effective size of the press by using a cylindrical platen, powered either by hand or by steam.
Ex: Jump-start your learning experience by participating in 1 or 2 half-day seminars that will help you come up to speed on the new vocabularies, processes and architectures underlying effective content management.
Ex: Shock tactics are sometimes necessary in order to expose injustice and kick-start the process of reform.
Ex: In order to forward the mission of the University, specific programs will be targeted for growth, consolidation, and possible elimination.
* impulsado por energía eólica = wind-powered.
* impulsar a = galvanise into.
* impulsar a la acción = galvanise into + action.

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