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set; lodge; latch on to; become fixed; take notice

to notice

(v.) = watch.
Ex: Watch what occurs as the letters 'New' and a space are typed.
* de cerca = watch + closely.
* fijarse con atención = watch + closely.
(v.) = attach ; fix ; set ; brace ; fasten together ; clamp ; lay down ; fasten ; set forth ; clip ; peg.
Ex: In fixed location notation was physically attached to certain places on the shelves and books were always filed in the same place.
Ex: One of the functions which I have not specified is that the underlying ideology represented by the AACR aims first at fixing a location for an author and then for a work.
Ex: If no fines are to be charged for a particular combination of borrower and material type, set the maximum fine to zero.
Ex: The cheeks were braced from their tops to the ceiling, to prevent the press from twisting or shifting about in use.
Ex: A book is physically a collection of sheets usually paper ones fastened together and protected by a cover which do form a genuine unit.
Ex: The original is clamped around the left hand cylinder and a special stencil fastened around the other cylinder.
Ex: A table is set up in a classroom, books are laid out on it by pupil 'shop assistants' supervised by a rota of teachers, and regular opening hours are laid down and adhered to.
Ex: The original is clamped around the left hand cylinder and a special stencil fastened around the other cylinder.
Ex: She sets forth some of the conditions which may have led to this situation in the hope that it may bring about further study.
Ex: Plastic-covered wire or metal supports are designed to clip firmly to the shelf itself or to the base of the shelf above.
Ex: As per estimates, the demand for armoured vehicles in the defence forces is pegged at about 2000 vehicles per year.
* fijar fecha con antelación = predate.
* fijar la atención = fix + Posesivo + attention.
* fijar la atención en = fixate on.
* fijar la mirada = fasten + glance.
* fijar las especificaciones de algo = set + specifications.
* fijar precios = price ; fix + prices.
* fijar precios altos = price + high.
* fijar precios bajos = price + low.
* fijarse = set up + camp ; lay + eyes on ; clap + Posesivo + eyes on ; set + eyes on.
* fijarse atentamente = watch + closely.
* fijarse una meta = set + a goal.
* fijarse una tarea = set + Reflexivo + task.
* fijarse un objetivo = set + a goal.
* fijar una nota en un sitio público = post.
* fijar un color = fix + a colour.
* fijar un límite = set + cut-off point.
* volver a fijar = reattach.

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