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all the best
blessedness, happiness, felicity


(n.) = happiness ; felicity ; good fortune.
Ex: I thank you most sincerely for the happiness your books have given me.
Ex: We follow a mishmash of characters as they move through their unfortunate life without felicity.
Ex: There is an element of good fortune involved in being in the right place at the right time and it is essential to take the best advantage of whatever opportunities arise.
* curva de la felicidad, la = middle-age spread.
* felicidad absoluta = bliss.
* ¡felicidades! = congratulations!.
* ignorancia es felicidad, la = ignorance is bliss.
= congratulations!.
Ex: 'Congratulations, Mr. Balzac!' exclaimed Hernandez, quickening to the fascinating possibilities of the announcement.

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