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dwarfish, stunted
dwarf, midget, pygmy


(n.) = dwarf [dwarves, -pl.] ; runt ; shorty [shortie].
Nota: Forma generalmente afectuosa de referirse a una persona.
Ex: Such speculations carried ad infinitum are given concrete form in giants, and the enchantments of elves and dwarfs, and the magic of runes and spells.
Ex: Under the same regimens of treatment the number of runts produced varied from none to as much as 80 per cent of the litter.
Ex: As his name implies, Shorty is a bit short, but he can kick a ball further than anybody else.
* disfrutar como una enano = have + the time of + Posesivo + life.
* disfrutar como un enano = love + every minute of it ; have + a ball ; have + a whale of a time ; enjoy + every minute of ; live it up ; have + a field day.
* enano de la familia, el = runt of the litter, the.
* enano del grupo, el = runt of the litter, the.
* musaraña enana = dwarf shrew.
* variedad enana = dwarf variety.

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