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obliging, accommodating; yielding, compliant; indulgent

pleasant, accommodating, accommodatingly


(adj.) = accommodating ; accommodationist ; conformable.
Ex: Style flexibility provides a way to be accommodating without compromising integrity or naturalness of expression = La flexibilidad de estilo es una forma de ser complaciente sin poner en peligro la integridad o la naturalidad de la expresión.
Ex: The barrier between religion & government in the US is described as a picket fence between accommodationists & separationists.
Ex: For transducing, the proposal relies on conformable strips hosting pressure sensitive units directly placed on the aircraft aerodynamic surfaces.
* persona demasiado complaciente = people pleaser.
* persona muy complaciente = pleaser ; people pleaser.
* ser demasiado complaciente = lean over + too far backwards.

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