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kitchen, room or area in which food is prepared and cooked; caboose, galley, kitchen on ship; stove; oven; cooking; cuisine



he/she cooks


(n.) = kitchen ; cooking facilities ; galley.
Nota: De barco.
Ex: The kitchen was full of glancing sunlight and clean color; and as she sat there her mind recurred to her attempts to get her assistant to stay.
Ex: No sleeping room of a hotel shall include cooking facilities unless the they have been approved by the building department having jurisdiction over the hotel.
Ex: 'Aye, aye, sir,' answered the cook, and touching his forelock, he disappeared at once in the direction of his galley = "Sí, sí, señor," respondió el cocinero, y agachando la cabeza, desapareció al instante en dirección a la cocina.
* armario de cocina = kitchen cabinet.
* batería de cocina = pots and pans set.
* cacharros de cocina = pots and pans.
* cocina a carbón = coal-burning stove.
* cocina a gas = gas stove.
* cocina americana = kitchenette.
* cocina comedor = kitchen-cum-dining-room ; kitchen-diner.
* cocina de carbón = coal-burning stove.
* cocina de gas = gas stove.
* cocina integral = kitchenette.
* cocina modular = modular kitchen.
* cuchillo de cocina = kitchen knife ; chopping knife.
* dispensador de papel de cocina = kitchen roll holder.
* encimera de la cocina = kitchen counter top.
* isla de cocina = kitchen island.
* jefe de cocina = chef.
* mesa de cocina = kitchen table.
* mobiliario de cocina = kitchen furniture.
* muebles de cocina = kitchen furniture.
* paño de cocina = tea towel.
* papel de cocina = paper towel ; kitchen paper.
* placa de cocina = cooktop ; hob ; kitchen hob.
* robot de cocina = food mixer ; food processor.
* rodillo de cocina = rolling pin.
* rollo de papel de cocina = kitchen roll.
* si no aguantas el calor, sal de la cocina = if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen ; if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.
* tabla de cocina = chopping board.
* temporizador de cocina = egg timer.
* tijeras de cocina = kitchen scissors.
* utensilio de cocina = kitchen utensil ; cooking utensil.
* utensilios de cocina = kitchenware.
* utensilios para la cocina = cookware.
(n.) = cooking.
Nota: Preparación de comida.
Ex: Some libraries have purchased display stands to hold these packs, covering a range of current regional information, such as cooking, baking, business and the natural sciences.
* aficionado a la cocina = foodie [foody].
* alta cocina = haute cuisine.
* cocina casera = home cooking.
* curso de cocina = cookery course.
* libro de cocina = book on cookery ; cookbook.
* receta de cocina = cookery recipe.
* vino de cocina = cooking wine.
(v.) = cook ; cook + a meal ; do + the cooking.
Ex: We set aside places to sleep and cook and wash and defecate.
Ex: The housewife cleaning her house, shopping, cooking meals, rearing her children and washing and ironing is undoubtedly working just as much as is her husband on the car assembly line or in the insurance office.
Ex: Throughout history, women have always done the cooking around the house.
* alimentos sin cocinar = raw food.
* cocinado al vapor = steamed.
* cocinar a fuego alto = cook over + a high heat ; cook at + a high heat.
* cocinar a fuego lento = coddle ; cook over + a low heat ; cook at + a low heat.
* cocinar a la perfección = cook + Nombre + to perfection.
* cocinar al baño María = steam.
* cocinar al horno = baking.
* cocinar al vapor = steam.
* cocinar con microondas = microwave cook.
* cocinar demasiado = overcook.
* cocinar en el microondas = microwave ; nuke.
* cocinar lentamente = slow cook.
* cocinarse = go down.
* hierba para cocinar = culinary herb.
* para cocinar uno mismo = self-catering.
* plancha de cocinar = griddle ; hotplate.
* plancha eléctrica de cocinar = electric hotplate.
* sin cocinar = uncooked.
* vino para cocinar = cooking wine.

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