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cowardly, fearful, craven
craven, coward, recreant

coward, craven, dastardly


(adj.) = coward ; wuss ; cowardly ; wussy ; quitter ; dastardly ; puss ; pussy ; pussycat ; gutless.
Ex: The violence was committed by a wide range of ordinary citizens, including psychopaths, conformists, fanatics, opportunists, & cowards.
Ex: He goes on to state that liberals are wusses for claiming 'I support the troops but not the war'.
Ex: Tachers found girls more virile, obtrusive, mischievous, sharing, straightforward, careless, dependent, quiet, and cowardly.
Ex: And being against the war and saying you support the troops is one of the wussiest positions the pacifists have ever taken.
Ex: Here are a few examples of some famous quitters, people who didn't always stick it out.
Ex: A dastardly livery driver raped a 30-year-old woman passenger on Jan. 31, cops said.
Ex: Kyle is not a puss -- he is one of the tougher players on our team.
Ex: That's why guys are such pussies about asking girls out.
Ex: It made me wonder why the religious left are such pussycats when it comes to politics, in both America and Australia.
Ex: I am ashamed to live in a state with such gutless leaders as we appear to have in Augusta.
* cobardes, los = faint-hearted, the ; faint of heart, the.
* no ser cobarde = be no chicken.

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