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(v.) = attract ; beckon ; draw in/into ; reach out to ; recruit ; lure ; arrest ; seduce ; woo ; strike + Posesivo + fancy ; court ; win over ; fancy ; summon forth ; catch + Posesivo + fancy.
Ex: The range of data bases has attracted a number of academic libraries.
Ex: Some hypnotism beckoned him in, and since he was in no hurry he submitted to it.
Ex: Teachers of other subjects should also be drawn in to persuade their pupils that life-long use of libraries would also contribute to the country's scientific and technological advancement.
Ex: The main reason for providing such a service is to reach out to those users who would not visit the library if it offered traditional services only.
Ex: Reduced establishments have made it very difficult to recruit new IT talent.
Ex: Many librarians are also finding that demonstrations of these automated systems provide tantalizing bait to lure the nonlibrary user to instructional sessions.
Ex: People who will not stop to read pamphlets, brochures, etc produced by the library may be arrested by an eye-catching, colourful display.
Ex: The article 'Seducing the reader' describes how US publishers use mailings, special offers, contests, and television and radio promotion to draw readers.
Ex: Rumour had it that he was being wooed by Technicomm, Inc.
Ex: Most books for children are selected by looking along the shelf until an attractive cover, familiar author's name or familiar title strikes the reader's fancy.
Ex: In his efforts to broaden the tax base, Groome has been actively courting industry - with some moderate success.
Ex: It is the latest incentive being offered to attract the Web user and win over their loyalty of custom.
Ex: He was popular because he was good at sport and talked a lot about girls he fancied.
Ex: Significant political events often summon forth larger-than-life figures and the inevitable clash of titans.
Ex: At nightfall, drop anchor at any place that catch your fancy and the lullaby of the gentle waves put you to sleep.
* atraer a = appeal to ; reach ; pull + Nombre + to.
* atraer a la multitud = pack in + the crowds.
* atraer asistentes = attract + attendees.
* atraer críticas = draw + criticism.
* atraer donaciones = attract + donation.
* atraer el interés = catch + Posesivo + imagination ; capture + the imagination ; capture + Posesivo + interest.
* atraer en masa = pack 'em in.
* atraer gente = draw + people.
* atraer inversiones = lure + investment.
* atraer la atención = attract + the eye ; hold + attention ; grab + Posesivo + attention ; catch + Posesivo + eye ; rivet + the attention ; draw + attention ; catch + Posesivo + fancy ; peak + Posesivo + interest ; make + a splash ; turn + heads ; catch + Posesivo + interest.
* atraer la atención de Alguien = appeal to + Posesivo + imagination ; engage + Posesivo + attention.
* atraer la idea de = fancy + the idea of.
* atraer (mucho) interés = draw + (a great deal of) interest ; draw + (a great deal of) interest.
* atraer multitudes = draw + throngs.
* atraer + Posesivo + atención = catch + Posesivo + attention ; capture + Posesivo + attention ; grasp + Posesivo + attention.
* atraer = play to + Nombre.
* dinero atrae al dinero, el = riches attract riches.
* para atraer al cliente = window dressing.
* atraído por la promesa de una vida mejor = drawn by the promise of a better life.
* sentirse atraído = be engaged.
* sentirse atraído por = take + a fancy to ; take + a shine to ; take + a liking to ; gravitate to(wards).

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