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arrangement, settlement; adaptation, adjustment; accommodation; regulation; agreement, compromise; fix
arrange, settle; fix; order, sort; tidy; quadrate; accommodate; regulate; posh up


establishment, furnishing


arrangement it fixed

(n.) = repair ; fix ; fixup [fix-up] ; repair job.
Ex: These tapes effect a permanent repair and do not discolour.
Ex: A technological fix which prevents people from sending mail to more than a fixed number of people at once is needed.
Ex: Frequently, the creators and caretakers of a data base have an irresistible impulse to give it a fixup, a paint job, or a new colour scheme.
Ex: Sometimes it's a stretch to get all those home improvement or home repair jobs done so make it easy on yourself with this telescopic ladder.
* arreglo de uñas = manicuring.
* arreglo en carretera = roadside repairs.
* arreglo floral = flower arrangement ; flower arranging.
* arreglo musical = arrangement ; musical arrangement.
* arreglos del hogar = home repair.
* arreglo vocal = vocal arrangement.
* hacer arreglos florales = arrange + flowers.
* no tener fácil arreglo = there + be + no easy way out.
* sin arreglo = beyond repair.
(v.) = remedy ; repair ; tidy up ; fix ; right ; fix up ; manicure ; groom ; clear up ; neaten (up) ; fettle.
Ex: After 1728, the initiative for investigating and remedying the state of the public records passed to the House of Commons.
Ex: In the more common perspective of linear causality, we seek to explain a negative consequence by searching for its root cause and repairing it.
Ex: Government agencies have taken the trouble to create a standard format for their publications and generally tidy up their presentation until in physical appearance their reports look like a collection of pamphlets or paperbound books.
Ex: There is always a need to fix manually the formatting of articles taken from an online service such as DIALOG.
Ex: The author questions whether this is a transitional phenomenon which will be righted later.
Ex: So ISI have the dosh to fix up ProCite.
Ex: Army officials would often manicure locations before journalists would enter and so it took far too long for anyone to start being critical of the war.
Ex: Never has there been a greater interest in grooming pubic hair than there is today.
Ex: What they will not do is clear up the foggy area in most cataloguers' minds, the area that leads to an inconsistent application of half-understood principles'.
Ex: Many people trim their cuticles to neaten the overall appearance of their fingers and hands.
Ex: Prepare your bike the night before so you don't need to fettle with your derailleur when you should be warming up.
* al final, todo se arreglará = it will come out in the wash.
* arreglar el cabello = do + Posesivo + hair.
* arreglar el entuerto = sort out + the mess.
* arreglar el pelo = do + Posesivo + hair.
* arreglar las cosas = put + things right.
* arreglar + Posesivo + asuntos = put + Posesivo + (own) house in order.
* arreglar + Posesivo + vida = put + Posesivo + (own) house in order.
* arreglarse = get + ready ; right + Reflexivo.
* arreglarse el aspecto = preen.
* arreglarse el pelo = primp ; primp + Posesivo + hair ; adjust + Posesivo + hair.
* arreglarse la ropa = adjust + Posesivo + clothes.
* arreglárselas = get by ; make + do ; make out ; cope ; scrape by.
* arreglárselas a duras penas = muddle through.
* arreglárselas como pueda = losers weepers.
* arreglárselas lo mejor posible = make + the best of things.
* arreglarse las manos = manicure.
* arreglárselas para que = see to it that.
* arreglárselas sin = do without ; live without ; get along without.
* arreglárselas sobre la marcha = wing it.
* arreglárselas solo = fend for + Reflexivo ; losers weepers ; manage on + Posesivo + own ; get by on + Posesivo + own.
* arreglarse las uñas = manicure.
* arreglarse lo mejor posible = look + Posesivo + best.
* arreglarse los pies = pedicure.
* arreglar una abolladura a martillazos = bang out + a dent.
* arreglar un fallo = fix + a fault.
* arreglar un problema = fix + a problem.
* dejar a Alguien que se las arregle solo = leave + Pronombre + to + Posesivo + own devices.
* dejar que Alguien se las arregle solo = leave (up) to + Posesivo + own resources ; leave to + Posesivo + own devices.
* que se puede arreglar = fixable.
* si no está roto, no lo arregles = if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
* tener que arreglárselas solo = leave (up) to + Posesivo + own resources ; leave to + Posesivo + own devices.

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