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gladden, cheer; liven, enliven


(v.) = jazz up ; brighten up ; liven up.
Ex: After jazzing up her appearance with a new blonde hairdo, she turns up in his office and talks him into taking her out for a meal.
Ex: The flowers will really help brighten up the cemetery when they flower in spring.
Ex: Here are ten fun ways to liven up your average train journey.
* alegrar la vida a Alguien = brighten up + Posesivo + life.
* alegrarle el día a Alguien = brighten up + Posesivo + day ; make + Posesivo + day.
* alegrarse = feel + elated ; brighten ; come to + life ; feel + happy.
* alegrarse de = be glad (to) ; rejoice in.
* no alegrar = bring no + joy ; take no + joy.
(v.) = feel + elated ; brighten ; come to + life ; feel + happy.
Ex: Jeanne Leforte felt tired but elated when the session adjourned. Ex: 'And of course,' said the director, brightening as his idea gave birth to another one in her mind, 'it will be interesting to know how efficient electronic systems are at catching thieves'. Ex: Italy, on the other hand, came to life only in the last ten odd minutes of their game against Slovakia. Ex: We even react as though it were all happening to us by feeling sad or happy, frightened or angry, amused or scandalized, and so on.

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