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accompany; join, attach; attend, escort

(v.) = accompany ; escort ; come with ; wash + Nombre + down ; play along with ; go with ; chaperon.
Nota: También escrito chaperone.
Ex: In a journal most formal items including articles, essays, discussions and reviews can be expected to be accompanied by an abstract.
Ex: Their work included escorting clients to other agencies.
Ex: The documentation that comes with a program should be examined carefully.
Ex: He also apparently washed it down with a swig of a vodka mixer and a beer taken from a cooler, the vehicle's owner said.
Ex: The audio includes demos and backing tracks so you can play along with every example.
Ex: The Crocs are well known for their purposefulness and efficiency that goes with their dynamic patriarchal system.
Ex: We're looking for francophone adult volunteers to chaperon our little students.
* acompañar a = usher into.
* acompañar a la puerta = usher + Nombre + out ; see + Alguien + out.
* acompañar en el sentimiento = Posesivo + heart go out to.
* acompañar hasta la puerta = see + Alguien + out ; usher + Nombre + out.
* esperar que la suerte + Pronombre + acompañe = hope for + the best.
* la mala suerte + acompañar = the odds + be + against.
* la suerte + Pronombre + acompañar = Posesivo + star + be + in the ascendant.
* Posesivo + corazón + acompañar = Posesivo + heart go out to.

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