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Despertando in English
awaken, wake up, arouse (i.e. from sleep); enthuse, rouse

Dictionary source: Babylon Spanish-English Dictionary
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Despertando in English
waking up

Dictionary source: Spanish English Learner's Dictionary
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(n.) = awakening.
Ex: Puberty, he describes as 'dreamy and sentimental' and though this may seem a far cry from the teenagers we would recognize that adolescence brings an awakening of emotions, idealism and commitment to a romantic ideal.
* duro despertar = rude awakening.
* tener un duro despertar = rude awakening + be in store.
(v.) = arouse ; spark off ; wake up ; awaken ; awake ; rouse ; stir up ; incite ; beckon forth.
Ex: The appearance of this volume aroused such a furor within and without the British Museum that further publication of the catalog was suspended.
Ex: Like the librarians and the bookshop staff, the club members are catalysts who spark off that fission which will spread from child to child an awareness of books and the habit of reading them.
Ex: I do anticipate, however, that we will wake up sooner or later to this enormous competitive threat.
Ex: In the beginning it does not matter what kind of literature causes this to happen; the great thing is that the critical sense has been awakened.
Ex: Schucking noted that early step when a child's 'imagination awakes, without corresponding development of the critical faculty,' a step most children make before they reach school age = Schucking se percató de ese primer paso en el niño cuando "se despierta su imaginación sin el correspondiente desarrollo de la capacidad crítica", un paso que dan la mayoría de los niños antes de alcanzar la edad escolar.
Ex: The spirit, if not the content, of Marx can be the joust to rouse the sleepy theory of academic sociology.
Ex: The goal of this guidebook is to help writers activate their brains to stir up more and better ideas and details.
Ex: It is illegal to operate websites inciting terrorism under the Terrorism Act.
Ex: Our academic curriculum and is designed to stimulate, challenge, and beckon forth the best from each student.
* despertar a la realidad = wake up to + reality ; wake up to + the realities.
* despertar de = jolt out of.
* despertar dudas = stir + doubts.
* despertar el deseo = arouse + hunger.
* despertar el entusiasmo = capture + the imagination ; work up + an enthusiasm ; grip + the imagination.
* despertar el hambre = work up + an appetite.
* despertar el interés = provoke + interest ; stimulate + the interest ; stir + interest ; whet + the appetite ; heighten + interest ; rouse + interest ; catch + Posesivo + imagination ; capture + the imagination ; capture + Posesivo + interest ; work up + an interest ; pique + Posesivo + interest.
* despertar entusiasmo = arouse + enthusiasm.
* despertar interés = arouse + interest ; raise + interest ; spark + interest.
* despertar interés por = kindle + interest in.
* despertar la atención = arouse + attention ; give + wake-up call.
* despertar la curiosidad = arouse + curiosity ; provoke + curiosity ; spark + curiosity ; excite attention ; pique + Posesivo + curiosity ; stir + Posesivo + curiosity.
* despertar la imaginación = fire + the imagination.
* despertar la motivación = spark + motivation.
* despertar la sed = work up + a thirst.
* despertar las emociones = stir + emotions.
* despertar la sensibilidad = release + feelings.
* despertar los instintos más bajos = appeal to + Posesivo + baser instincts.
* despertar (mucho) interés = draw + (a great deal of) interest.
* despertar pasión = ignite + passion.
* despertar la curiosidad = excite + Posesivo + curiosity.
* despertar + Posesivo + interés = attract + Posesivo + interest.
* despertarse = get on + the ball ; wake.
* despertarse con = wake up to.
* despertarse de = rouse from.
* despertarse empapado en sudor frío = wake up in + a cold sweat.
* despertarse pronto = wake up + early.
* despertarse sobresaltado = startle awake.
* despertarse sorprendido = startle awake.
* despertarse temprano = wake up + early.
* despertar sospechas = stir + suspicion ; arouse + suspicion.
* despertar un sentimiento de = stir + a sense of.
* destinado a despertar el interés del usuario = highlight abstract.
* no despertarse a tiempo = oversleep ; sleep in ; sleep + late.
* volver a despertar = reawaken [re-awaken].

Dictionary source: Spanish English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 7.7
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Dictionary source: Spanish Italian Dictionary
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