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Yes and no in English
maybe (expression used to express ambivalence)

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Yes and no in Arabic
نعم ولا (ربما)

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Arabic Dictionary
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Yes and no in Spanish
sí y no (capaz que si, expresión que muestra duda)

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Spanish Dictionary
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Yes and no in Russian
и да и нет

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Russian Dictionary
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Yes and no in Dutch
ja en nee (misschien, uitdrukking van twijfel)

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Dutch Dictionary
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Yes and no in Portuguese
sim e não

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Portuguese Dictionary
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Yes and no in Turkish
evet ve hayır, evet-hayır, belki (kararsızlık anlatmak için kullanılan ifade)

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Yes and no in Italian
sì e no

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Yes and no in French
oui et non, peut-être, pas sûr (expression qui exprime l'hésitation, un doute)

Dictionary source: Babylon English-French Dictionary
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Yes and no in German
ja und nein (vielleicht, Ausdruck des Unentschiedenseins)

Dictionary source: Babylon English-German Dictionary
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Yes and no in Japanese
たぶん (肯定と否定の両方を表す表現)

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Japanese Dictionary
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Yes and no in Hebrew
כן ולא (אולי, ביטוי המעיד על התלבטות)

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Hebrew Dictionary
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Yes and no in Swedish
ja och nej (kanske, uttrycker svårigheter att bestämma sig)

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Swedish Dictionary
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Yes and no in English
Yes and No is a spoken word game similar to Twenty Questions played in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. In the game, the host (Fred in A Christmas Carol) has something in mind, and the guessers (party guests) ask several simple yes-or-no questions. In A Christmas Carol, Scrooge is the object, as seen in the section below:

It was a Game called Yes and No, where Scrooge's nephew had to think of something, and the rest must find out what; he only answering to their questions yes or no, as the case was. The brisk fire of questioning to which he was exposed, elicited from him that he was thinking of an animal, a live animal, rather a disagreeable animal, a savage animal, an animal that growled and grunted sometimes, and talked sometimes, and lived in London, and walked about the streets, and wasn't made a show of, and wasn't led by anybody, and didn't live in a menagerie, and was never killed in a market, and was not a horse, or an ass, or a cow, or a bull, or a tiger, or a dog, or a pig, or a cat, or a bear. At every fresh question that was put to him, this nephew burst into a fresh roar of laughter; and was so inexpressibly tickled, that he was obliged to get up off the sofa and stamp. At last the plump sister, falling into a similar state, cried out:
"I have found it out! I know what it is, Fred! I know what it is!"

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Yes and no are two words for expressing the affirmative and the negative respectively in modern English.

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Sic et Non, an early scholastic text whose title translates from Medieval Latin as "Yes and No", was written by Pierre Abélard. In the work, Abélard juxtaposes apparently contradictory quotations from the Church Fathers on many of the traditional topics of Christian theology. In the Prologue, Abélard outlines rules for reconciling these contradictions, the most important of which is noting the multiple significations of a single word. However, Abélard does not himself apply these rules in the body of the Sic et non, which has led scholars to conclude that the work was meant as an exercise book for students in applying dialectic (logic) to theology.

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Yes and no in Greek
Εκφρ. ναι και όχι, ίσως (δηλώνει αδυναμία απάντησης λόγω λήθης κτλ)

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