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Xiang in English
Xiang (in Hanyu Pinyin) or Hsiang (in Wade-Giles) may refer to:
  • the Xiang River (Chinese: , Xiang) in southern China
    • Hunan, the Chinese province, abbreviated as Xiang in Chinese owing to the river
    • Xiang Chinese, the Hunanese dialects of the Chinese language
    • the Xiang Army, raised in Hunan by Zeng Guofan during the Qing Dynasty
  • rural Chinese townships ( in the PRC and on Taiwan, both Xiang)
  • Xiang (surname), three unrelated surnames: and (both Xiàng) and (Xiang)
  • Xiang (place), the site of Hong Xiuquan's destruction of a Chinese idol early in the Taiping Rebellion

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Township (China) may refer to:
  • Townships of the People's Republic of China
  • Township (Republic of China)

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Xiang is a language spoken in Hunan Province, parts of Sichuan, and parts of Guangxi and Guangdong provinces, China.
The language is: Xiang

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Xiang in Russian
(0) сянцзян

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