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of or pertaining to Rastafarianism; characteristic of Rastafarianism
follower of the Rastafarian religion; one who identifies with the Rastafarian movement

n : follower of rastafarianism [syn: rastafarian, rasta]

Rasta may refer to:
  • Rastafari movement, or a follower of that movement
  • Raasta roko, a form of protest roadblock in India
  • Lester Speight, Lester "Rasta" Speight, African American football player, wrestler and actor who appeared in My Wife and Kids
  • Rasta (Congo), warlords from the Second Congo War
  • Rasta (Mandaeism) a white religious garment of the Mandaean sect
  • Baby Rasta & Gringo, a Puerto Rican reggaeton duo
  • Rasta (film), a 2003 film

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1. follower of Rastafarianism
(synonym) Rastafarian
(hypernym) disciple, adherent
(member-holonym) Rastafari, Rastas

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