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agricultural Bantu-speaking people who inhabit the northwestern Nairobi, largest tribal group in Kenya (also Gikuyu)

Kikuyu or Gikuyu (Gikuyu) may refer to:
  • Kikuyu people
  • Gikuyu language
  • Kikuyu, Kenya, a town in the Central Province
  • Kikuyu Central Association, a political organisation
  • Kikuyu Constituency, an electoral division in Kenya
  • Kikuyu grass
  • A fictional corporation in Walter Jon Williams' novel Hardwired

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The Kikuyu are a group of Bantu people inhabiting Southeast Africa. They are the largest ethnic group in Kenya and speak the Bantu Kikuyu language as a mother tongue. The term Kikuyu is the Swahili form of the proper name and pronunciation of Kikuyu, although group members refer to themselves as the Agikuyu.

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