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"Black English", non-standard form of English that is widely used among African-Americans

Ebonics may refer to:
  • African American Vernacular English, a distinctive lect, or variety, of English spoken by African Americans, sometimes called "Ebonics"
  • Oakland Ebonics controversy, generated by the recognition in December 1996 by the Oakland, California school board of "Ebonics" (i.e. African-American Vernacular English) as a distinct language
  • Ebonics (word), a term that is used for what linguists far more often term African American Vernacular English, and that was originally used with strong connotations of the African origin of this language
  • , a 1975 book about Ebonics
  • "Ebonics", a track on The Big Picture, an album by Big L

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1. a nonstandard form of American English spoken by some Black people in the United States
(synonym) Black English, Black English Vernacular
(hypernym) American English, American language, American

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