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Iranian language spoken in Afghanistan, Dari Persian

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The Darî, also known as Dirî, are a Kurdish tribe based in the border region between Turkey and Iran, with a large exclave based in Iraqi Kurdistan, most notably in the Badînan province.

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Dari or Dari Persian or Eastern Persian is a name given to the Old Persian language at a very early date and widely attested in Arabic and Persian texts since the 10th century. Since 1964, Dari is the official name for the Persian language in Afghanistan. Dari Persian spoken in Afghanistan is formal version of the New Persian language descended from the courtly language of the Sassanian Empire and is thus more akin to the Middle Persian language than the dialects spoken in Iran or the Tajik dialect of Central Asia. In historical usage, Dari refers to the Middle Persian court language of the Sassanids.

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Zoroastrian Dari is a language spoken in Iran.
The language is: Zoroastrian Dari

1. an Iranian language spoken in Afghanistan
(synonym) Dari Persian
(hypernym) Iranian, Iranian language

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