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Rava in English
Rava may refer to:
  • Bishnuprasad Rabha
  • Abba ben Joseph bar Ḥama (born 270), a Jewish Talmudist who lived in Babylonia, always known by the honorific name Raba/Rava
  • Rava (island), an island in the Croatian part of the Adriatic sea
  • Rava (grape), another name for the wine grape Ravat blanc
  • Rava (or Suji), an Indian term for semolina, used in making  Bombay rava,  Rava dosa etc.
  • Rava, the Hungarian name for Roua village, Fântânele Commune, Mureş County, Romania
  • Rava (river), a river in southern Italy
  • Rava (tribe), a scheduled tribe in North Eastern part of India.
  • Rava-Ruska, a city in the Lviv Oblast of western Ukraine
  • Rava, Harju County, village in Kõue Parish, Harju County, Estonia
  • Rava, Järva County, village in Ambla Parish, Järva County, Estonia
  • Bombay rava

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Rava in Romanian
(gen) a agrava, a înrăutăţi
   (gen) agravare, înrăutăţire, îngreuiere
   (auto) remorcă ptr. camping / de locuit
   (auto) remorcă auto ptr. locuit / camping

Dictionary source: Victors - English Romanian Technical Dictionary
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