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Wobble hypothesis in English
In molecular biology, the Central Dogma, as proposed by Francis Crick, follows the pathway from DNA to RNA and finally to a polypeptide sequence. A transcribed DNA template is changed to an mRNA and that is copied into an amino acid sequence through tRNA's matching to the correct codons. These codons on the mRNA line up with anticodons on the tRNA. A wobble base pair is a pairing between two nucleotides in RNA molecules, that does not follow Watson-Crick base pair rules. The four main wobble base pairs are guanine-uracil (G-U), hypoxanthine-uracil (I-U), hypoxanthine-adenine (I-A), and hypoxanthine-cytosine (I-C). Because hypoxanthine is the nucleobase of inosine, "I" is used for the former in order to maintain consistency of nucleic acid nomenclature, which otherwise follows the names of the nucleobases (e.g., "G" for both guanine and guanosine). The thermodynamic stability of a wobble base pair is comparable to that of a Watson-Crick base pair. Wobble base pairs are fundamental in RNA secondary structure and are critical for the proper translation of the genetic code.

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Hypothesis to explain how one tRNA can recognize two codons. The third base in the anticodon can pair with more than one bases. This is due to the degeneracy of the genetic code which results in more than one triplet codes for some amino acids.

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