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Sesotho in English
The Sotho language, also known as Sesotho, Southern Sotho, or Southern Sesotho, is a Bantu language spoken primarily in South Africa, where it is one of the 11 official languages, and in Lesotho, where it is the national language. It is an agglutinative language which uses numerous affixes and derivational and inflexional rules to build complete words.

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Northern Sotho ( Sepedi/Sesotho ) is a Bantu language, belonging to the Niger-Congo language family. It is most closely related to Setswana and Sesotho (Southern Sotho).
Northern Soto is one of the official languages in South Africa. Tswana ( Setswana ) is a Bantu language spoken in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe.
It is most closely related to two other languages in the Sotho language group, Sotho (Southern Sotho) and Northern Sotho (Sesotho sa Leboa). It has also been known as Beetjuans, Chuana (hence Bechuanaland), Coana, Cuana, and Sechuana.

Dictionary source: JM Languages
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1. the dialect of Sotho spoken by the Basotho; an official language of Lesotho
(synonym) Basuto
(hypernym) Sotho

Dictionary source: WordNet 2.0
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