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Liao in English
n : the dynasty that ruled much of manchuria and northeastern china from 947 to 1125 [syn: liao, liao dynasty]

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 liao dynasty 

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Liao may refer to:
  • Liao Dynasty (915–1125), a former dynasty in northern China founded by the Khitan people
    • Northern Liao (1122–1123), state founded by the Khitans in northern China
    • Kara-Khitan Khanate (1124–1218), or Western Liao, Khitan empire in Central Asia
  • Liaoning, abbreviated as Liao, province of China
  • Liao (surname) (廖), a Chinese family name
  • Liao (state), a Zhou Dynasty vassal state during the Spring and Autumn Period
  • Liao River, river in northeast China
  • liao, a grammatical particle in Singlish
  • King Liao of Wu, king of Wu state in Spring and Autumn Period

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Liaoning is a province of the People's Republic of China, located in the northeast of the country. The modern province was established in 1907 as Fengtian or Fengtien province and the name was changed to Liaoning in 1929. It was also known as Mukden province at the time, for the Manchu pronunciation of Shengjing, the former name of the provincial capital Shenyang. Under the Japanese puppet Manchukuo regime, the province reverted to its 1907 name but the name Liaoning was restored in 1945 and again in 1954.

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916 - 1125 China - Dynasty


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1. the dynasty that ruled much of Manchuria and northeastern China from 947 to 1125
(synonym) Liao dynasty
(hypernym) dynasty

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Liao in Vietnamese

◊ danh từ

◊ (lịch sử TrungHoa) Nhà Liêu (916

◊ 1125)

◊ danh từ

◊ (lịch sử TrungHoa) Nhà Liêu (916

◊ 1125) 

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