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Le monde in English
leading daily newspaper in France

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Le monde in Arabic
لو موند, جريدة يومية رائدة فى فرنسا

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Le monde in Spanish
"Le Monde" (el mundo), periódico diario principal de Francia

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Le monde in Dutch
Le Monde (de wereld), meest populaire krant in Frankrijk

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Le monde in Portuguese
"Le Monde" (O Mundo), o maior jornal da França

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Le monde in Turkish
Le Monde, Fransa'da önde gelen günlük gazete

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Le monde in Italian
Le Monde, il più grande quotidiano francese

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Le monde in French
Le Monde, un journal quotidien français fondé par Hubert Beuve-Méry en 1944 (France)

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Le monde in German
Le Monde, führende Tageszeitung in Frankreich

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Le monde in Japanese
ル モンド, フランスの大手日刊紙

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Le monde in Hebrew
"לה מונד" (העולם), העיתון היומי הראשי בצרפת

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Le monde in Swedish
ledande dagstidning I Frankrike

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Le monde in English
Le Monde (; ) is a French daily evening newspaper founded by Hubert Beuve-Méry and continuously published in Paris since its first edition on 19 December 1944. It is one of two French newspapers of record along with Le Figaro, and the main publication of La Vie-Le Monde Group. It reports an average circulation of 323,039 copies per issue in 2009, about 40,000 of which are sold abroad. It has been available on the Internet since 19 December 1995, and is often the only French newspaper easily obtainable in non-French-speaking countries. It should not be confused with the monthly publication Le Monde diplomatique, of which Le Monde has 51% ownership, but which is editorially independent.

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