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Latin (language) in English
LATIN (always referenced in upper case) was a cooperation scheme among 13 newspapers in Latin America which was organized by Reuters and lasted from 1970 until 1981. It was not a news agency per se, but rather a permanent exchange mechanism. In 1975, The New York Times revealed that LATIN was used by the CIA to in covert operations of counterinformation and influencing public opinion in Latin America.

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Latin (; Latin: , ; the noun lingua, "tongue" and "language", and the adjective latinus, latina and latinum in its three genders, "Latin") is an ancient Italic language originally spoken by the Italic Latins in Latium and Ancient Rome. Along with most European languages, it is a descendant of the ancient Proto-Indo-European language. Influenced by the Etruscan language and using the Greek alphabet as a basis, it took form as what is recognizable as Latin in the Italian Peninsula. Modern Romance languages are continuations of dialectal forms (vulgar Latin) of the language. Additionally many students, scholars, and some members of the Christian clergy speak it fluently, and it is still taught in some primary, secondary and post-secondary educational institutions around the world.

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latinski jezik

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latinski jezik

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