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Garre in English
The Garre are a Somali pastoralist clan who live in Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia. They are sub-clan of the Digil clan. Almost all speak the Garre language, though it may be secondary to the Maay speaking sub-clan of Darrawe (Darrawa) who speak Maay as their first language. Their urban centers include Mandera, Moyale and El Wak. The Garre are divided into the Tuff and Quranyowa sub-clans. While the Tuffs are further divided into the Ali and Adola groups, the Quranyow are divided into the Asare and Furkesha.

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Garre is a Cushitic language spoken by the Garre people of southern Somalia.
The language is: Garre

Dictionary source: JM Languages
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Garre in Arabic
داءُ غاريه

Dictionary source: English to Arabic Medical Dictionary
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Garre in Romanian
(agr) magazie de cereale; siloz; (cstr) pod de casă; mansardă
   (cstr) planşeu de pod; mansardă
   (arh, cstr) mansardă
   (cstr) lucarnă, fereastră de mansardă

Dictionary source: Victors - English Romanian Technical Dictionary
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