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BARA in English

Dictionary source: Dialing Codes of Pakistan
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Bara or Barah may refer to:

  • Bara (name) - Boy Arabic given name
  • Bara (name) - female Jewish given name
  • Bára (name) - female Icelandic given name
  • Bara (name) - occupational surname in southern France and Aragon in Spain. Related to fishing/fisherman. It has variations of spelling and pronunciation such as barra, barre, barr, barett, and many more all deriving from the same word.
  • Bara (Breton name)

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Bára is female given name. Bára is a Czech and Croatian short form of Greek name Barbora and Barbara. Pronounced bah:rah. It is also an Icelandic one, meaning ocean wave.

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Bâra is a commune in Neamt County, Romania. It is composed of three villages: Bâra, Negresti and Rediu.

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The Bära is a river in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

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Bara is a Barito language spoken in Madagascar.
The language is: Bara

Dictionary source: JM Languages
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NSW -32.5651 149.83459 2850

Dictionary source: Australian GPS + Postcode Town Index
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Bara = n. bread; sustenance

Dictionary source: JM Welsh <=> English Dictionary
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